Aquaticus: is a project with the goal of developing a competition where humans and robots compete together against similarly configured teams of humans and robots. The competition is conducted on the water in about a one square kilometer area off the MIT Sailing Pavilion.  This research aims to explore the intersection between autonomy, operator load, and trust between a human and many robots.

Duckietown: What is Duckietown? It is: a fictional startup, a class taught at MIT, a research endeavor, a rebranding of robotics, an outreach effort, and an opportunity for all of us to learn something.

TAR: Trajectory Adaptation for Recognition. In this work, we find trajectories for an autonomous vehicle such that a teammate observing them can quickly identify their task.  This requires consideration of the observed vehicle's kinematics and task objectives while also keeping in mind the observing vehicle's sensor and recognition algorithm.